Why the Brampton Professional Fire Fighters Association Exists:

Though variations exist throughout the U. S. and Canada in fire fighter wages, hours, benefits and working conditions, as well as the right to bargain collectively, International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF)  members will not rest in their efforts to seek fair compensation for the work they do and better service for citizens they serve.

Secure Your Job seeks to reflect the IAFF’s mission to serve as the preeminent source of information and services dedicated to excellence and innovation in the twenty-first century.

Contract/Wage Information puts valuable economic and collective bargaining agreement data at your fingertips.

The IAFF staff performs Financial Analysis for local affiliates and municipal governments on a daily basis.

The International is conducting an extensive Survey of Benefits to get the clearest picture to date of the pension coverage of our members.

Legal Assistance is available to affiliates and members who have been targeted for their activities as legal representatives of IAFF entities.

Fire/EMS Operations helps affiliates integrate emergency medical systems into their public fire departments.

The IAFF staff conducts Geographical Information Systems studies for fire departments and governments who want to make the most efficient use of their limited resources.