Election For Executive Assistant:

Brad Welsh:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I’m writing to humbly ask your consideration and support as I’ve accepted my nomination for Executive Assistant.  For those I haven’t met, I’ve been a member in good standing of the BPFFA since 2002 when I began my career on Delta at 207.  The majority of my time has been at station 202 and 204, currently I’m on Charlie at 204, where I was promoted to Captain in April.

I’ve enjoyed many extracurricular activities with the BFD;

  • B hockey team for 20 years (stepping up to run the team for a few years when needed)
  • Member of our very successful combat challenge/firefit team for 12 years, where I organized, secured funding and ran the team for 6years.
  • I’ve participated in MD boot drives, united way charity events, movember campaign and back in the good old days, our charity calendar nights.
  • Peer support team member

Lately I’ve enjoyed taking a more active role within our local, trying to give back and or bring positive change where there’s opportunity.  In 2018, 2nd vice president Jim Taylor (at the time) and I, began talking about the need for a Fitness/Wellness committee, with the full support of President Lecompte a joint Fitness/Wellness committee was formed in 2019.  While I’m proud of our continued efforts to replace, repair and add new fitness equipment and programs.  I’m thrilled to be a part of the committee that has brought Medcan to the BFD.  For many members this has been a life changer/saver, please take advantage once given your opportunity to attend.

I’d like to have a larger role in giving back to the membership while assisting the executive in any or all needed capacities, but in order to do so, I need your vote.

Thank you for your support!


Brother Brad Welsh

Steve Thompson:

Hello BPFFA Local 1068 Family,

I, Steve Thompson am seeking your support to become your next Executive Assistant.

I have been a very active Member of this Association and this Department in the time I’ve been here since 2010:

  1. On shift Driving Instructor (Bravo Platoon) 8 years
  2. Health & Safety 2 Full Terms
  3. Co-Chair Health & Safety twice
  4. Benevolent Committee 2 full terms (beginning 3rd)
  5. Co-Chair Benevolent Committee
  6. Audit Committee 2 full terms (beginning 3rd)
  7. Co-Chair Audit Committee
  8. Truck Committee
  9. Took Part in Request For Purchase processes for Auto-ex gloves, bunker gear, station wear, firefighting gloves, firefighting boots
  10. Took part in Particulate Blocking Hood trials
  11. Ran Department Shinny Hockey which I think is our 5th year.
  12. Sat on Ad-Hoc Reorg Committee which introduced Division Stewards, Executive Assistant and many other new positions within our organization, also laid out the plan so your Association stand by rates are on par with your hourly rate

I’ve gained experience and knowledge as I’ve built a solid foundation to be able to take the next step.  I consider myself very lucky to have worked with many great people throughout my above endeavors, and been able to learn from many people I have great respect for.

I want to be your voice as your Executive Assistant.

I will take a respectful and common-sense approach to the position.

I will listen and be your voice, there are so many great ideas that come from the boots on the ground.

I have done work for this Association, I’ve built the Foundation, I am asking for your support as your next Executive Assistant.

Good Luck to Brother Welsh!

Please Elect Steve Thompson for Executive Assistant


Steve Thompson




Election for Joint Health & Safety Committee:


Julie McNeely-Heath:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I’m writing to ask for your support in pursuing my nomination as a Health and Safety representative.  For those that don’t know me, here’s a bit about myself.  I am proud to be from a family of first responders, with my two brothers serving Ottawa fire, my husband serving Toronto Fire and myself with Brampton Fire for just over 12years.  Prior to my time with Brampton, I was fortunate to have worked in the Coast Guard and form part of the Occupational Health and Safety team for my sector.  The safety of my brothers and sisters has always been a primary concern of mine, and one that I would like to continue to pursue on your behalf as part of the Joint Health and Safety Committee.

For the past 12 years I’ve been one of the voices on the radio telling you where to go and how to get there too!  I have participated in numerous MD Boot Drives, fundraising events and absolutely love bringing down the overall hockey skill level at Friday morning pick-up.  Since last fall, I have started to pursue a more active role within our local association.  I began as steward for communications, and continue to be an outspoken advocate for our communications staff.  In June I was proud to be appointed to an interim position on the Joint Health and Safety Committee, and have enjoyed representing the members in this capacity ever since.  I feel privileged to have had discussions with some of you in this short time and hear about your areas of concern.  I have a personal interest in pursuing improvements in the areas of hearing preservation and post-incident decon, and would love the opportunity to keep pursuing those advancements on your behalf.

In Solidarity;


Julie McNeely-Heath


Matt Peters:


Jamie Hammill:

Brothers and Sisters,

I am writing you to consider me for the position of Health and Safety representative. For those that do not know me, my name is Jamie Hammill. I have worked for BFES since 2019 in the Fire Training Division as a Training Captain.

With over 20 years experience as an Industrial Firefighter at Honda Fire & Emergency Services, 21 years as a Volunteer Firefighter, 7 years of service with the Canadian Armed Forces, and part of the Health and Safety Committee at Honda of Canada for over 20 years, I am confident that my extensive skills and relevant qualifications will make me ideally suited for the position.

I am certified in both the Industrial and Construction sectors, this has allowed me to represent my peers in many nominated and appointed Health and Safety roles including; Zone Rep, Department Worker Rep, Plant Safety Co-Chair Worker Rep representing over 4500 Associates for 3 years. I left Honda after 22 years as the Assembly Department Health and Safety Lead that I held full time for the last 4 years prior to coming to BFES.

As the Department Health and Safety Lead I was very active in facilitating safety training including; new hire orientation, contractor safety training, confined space, WHMIS, machine entry lockout and fire watch training to Associates and Contractors.

In the time I have been at BFES, I have had the privilege to be an active member of the Honour Guard representing the department at funerals, memorials and community events. I have also created a strong working relationship with crews while training in Technical Rescue including Rope Rescue, Confined Space and Auto Extrication.

If you’re looking for an experienced, safety conscious, team player, make the right choice; vote Hammill for Health and Safety.



Brother Jamie Hammill


Kylie White:

Brothers and Sisters,

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Kylie White. I am a Fire Prevention Officer and Fire Investigator. I’ve had the privilege of working with BFES for just over six years.

I am passionate about safety, the safety of our community and the safety of our members.

While with BFES I have been a part of our Vulnerable Occupancy Team, I’m a Fire Warden at our Glidden location, and I am a member of the Memorial Committee.

In my previous career as a Fire Marshal with University Health Network I was a member of the Occupational Health and Safety Committee. Through this experience I have gained extensive knowledge in conducting monthly inspections in various departments utilizing a checklist for safety and working diligently with all departments to address their safety concerns.

My previous experience working in various industries such as; nuclear, hospitals and fire protection fields allows me to bring a fresh and diverse perspective.

As the daughter of a District Chief, I grew up in the fire hall. I had the privilege of being raised with the mentality that the fire department is an extension of your family.   So, the health and safety of my fellow Brothers and Sisters is paramount to me.

I am honoured to be a member of BFES and would like the opportunity to ensure the health and safety of all our members at BFES by being elected to the Health and Safety Committee.

Good luck to Julie McNeely-Heath, Matt Peters, Jamie Hammill and Steve Thompson!


Kylie White


Steve Thompson:

Re-Elect Steve Thompson to Health & Safety.

Thank you for your support in the past as I’ve completed two terms on your Health & Safety Committee and Co-Chaired the Committee twice.

We’ve accomplished some great things in the past few years, and I’d like to keep the ball rolling.

We’ve introduced our Personal Decontamination SOG, which is for you!

We purchased a tent for Decontamination and changing and bagging gear with a heater for our winters.

There is an SCBA washing machine on order, so we can properly wash our SCBA’s post fire.

We’ve introduced an industry leading hood exchange program with our new particulate blocking balaclavas.

I sat on your committee during what I hope is a once in a career type of pandemic.  We did all facilities walkthroughs to ensure your safety while attending the workplace.

The above is to just name a few, the point is, during my time on this committee we’ve accomplished some great things.  There is more to do, and I’d like to be a part of it.  You all are the boots on the ground, and I thank you for all your ideas, recommendations, communication, and eagerness to help in any way possible over the years.

It has been an honour and privilege to advocate for this Local at the Health & Safety table, and I would appreciate your support to be able to continue the journey.

All the candidates have great qualifications and I wish them all the best of luck!

This membership is the winner regardless of who will be sitting on the committee.

Please Re-Elect Steve Thompson for your Health & Safety Committee.


Steve Thompson




Election for Division Steward – Fire Prevention (only Prevention Members can vote):


John Sefton:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am writing to you to ask for your consideration and support as I would very much like to opportunity to become the Division Steward: Fire Prevention.

Most of you know that I started my journey with the City of Brampton in 2009 with Buildings and Property Management. In the fall of 2012 I was given the opportunity to come work with Brampton Fire and Emergency Services in the Fire Prevention Division.

Outside of attending a few meetings and voting I have not been an active participant in union business up until this point so I have no track record to offer. I hope over my time here I have shown that I am willing to discuss issues and accept other people’s points of view. I will listen, you will be heard. I can offer hard work and I feel that I can represent all members of the division.

I expect that the next few years are going to bring more change. As we transition to the new fire campus, bring in new people, see some members work toward promotions and work with our new leadership it would be an honour to represent you.



John Sefton


Chris Kellam: