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General Members Meeting

To:      All Members

RE:     General Members Meetings

The next meeting of this Association will be held on:

Tuesday July 7th, 2020 at 18:00

The meeting will be held located on-line - using the Zoom App

BPFFA Local1068 is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: BPFFA - General Members Meeting Time: Jul 7, 2020 18:00 Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 960 8142 7316

Password: 376615


  • Please join the meeting, by clicking the link above, at 18:00.  All Participants are asked to changed their name, in the meeting, using the following format:  Badge Number - First Name Last Name
  • All meeting participants will automatically be muted.
  • All candidates are asked to turn their camera ON.  This is as a security measure to identify all meeting participants.
  • To address the meeting, all participants will use the "Raise Hand" feature and wait to be acknowledged by the Chair.
  • As per the BPFFA Constitution & By Laws:
  • 19.01 No part of this Constitution and By-Laws may be amended except as follows: Proposed amendments shall be submitted Electronically on the Approved "Constitution & By-Law change form found on the BPFFA website by any member in good standing to the Secretary on or before the start of the AM meeting in June, read to the meeting, and shall be referred to the Executive who shall report on same at the September meeting with such recommendations as they may deem necessary. Notice for a vote on Constitution and By-Laws amendments will be posted with the September meeting notice, providing at least 15 days' notice of date, time and place of the vote. A two-thirds vote of the members present and voting at the September meeting shall be necessary to adopt an amendment to this Constitution and By-Laws. A proposed amendment to this Constitution and By-Laws shall be submitted for approval to the International General President prior to its printing or issuance after it has first been adopted by the membership.  This article is not to include Article 10.02 of this document.  (March-2012) (September 2014)

  • And as per the BPFFA Approved Financial Policies (AFPs):

  • 20.01 Amendments to any or all AFPs shall be conducted in accordance with Article 19.01 of the Constitution and Bylaws of this Local. Voting on amendments will take place at the following regular meeting with a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the members in attendance and voting in order to amend these rules and regulations.

  • Please submit changes using: 

  • Constitution Proposed Change Form 

  • AFP Proposed Change Form

Follow the BPFFA on twitter at: @BPFFA1068



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COVID-19 Self Monitoring Preparation & Protection


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An Important message from your Paramedics & Firefighters

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Please check back often for updates regarding the COVID-19 pandemic situation.


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All BPFFA Members

If you log in to the website you will be able to purchase our 2018 Care Enough to Wear Pink- Duty Shirts. These shirts are only available for BFES members. 


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BFES- Complete Electronic WIIR

CLICK HERE to go to complete the Electronic Injury, Illness Report

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Benefits/ WSIB Issue

Any member experiencing issues, whether it be a benefits issue or a WSIB issue must complete the online form. The form will be submitted to the Benefits Committee, once submitted a member of the committee will be in contact with you.

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Sports & Social Fund Request

Members looking for a request from the sports and social fund must complete the online form. All requests are subject to the approval of the Benevolent Committee.

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Do you purchase giftcards? Well you can help support the Children's Christmas Party and other events.

The BPFFA is looking at ways to help fund some of our own member activities. Our intention this year is to start by supporting the Children's Christmas Party with proceeds raised through this unique opportunity.

Everyone needs the last minute Gift card why not help support our own members when purchasing them?

You can purchase using your credit card online and have the gift card mailed to your home as well you can purchase e-gift cards which will arrive in your inbox approx. 10 mins after you purchase. You can also do an electronic transfer from your bank (You need to complete the EFT form first. You only need to complete this form once, then its set up and ready for future use.)

It's free to join. Please share with your family and friends, they can also join and help support the program.

If you have any questions, please contact Paul Lecompte

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Electronic Exposure Report

Attention all Members,

Effective Immediately

All Medical and Haz-Mat Exposure reports will be completed and submitted to the Benefits Committee electronically. The form can be easily found on home page at and clicking on the Exposure Report icon on the right side of the page. VIEW PICTURE

The form can also be completed and submitted on most smart phones however, some users may have to click "turn off mobile theme" at the bottom of the mobile homepage.

CLICK HERE for link to Exposure Form.

 As with most technological changes, some challenges may be encountered for some users however, the benefits will be worth it. 

 The pros of the new Exposure Report include:

  • One single form will now include; Haz-Mat Exposure, Medical Exposed, as well as Stressful Incidents,
  • A "submit form" button at the bottom of the page allows the form to be sent directly to the Benefits Committee where it will be filed electronically,
  • A copy of the submitted form will be emailed to the member where he/she can print a hard copy or save it electronically for their personal records,
  • No BPFFA log in is required as the form is on the home page of the website.

When completing the report, please ensure that each field is completed, if a particular field does not apply to your submission, simply indicate N/A in that field. 

All members are reminded of the importance of completing the Exposure Reports. These reports are crucial should anyone develop an illness that may have been a result of performing their duties at BFES.

If anyone has questions, comments, or concerns with the new Exposure Report, please contact Benefits Rep. Mike Roy directly at or by cell at 416-899-9559.




BPFFA 1068 Benefits Committee

Kane Demers

Rob Senay

Mike Roy

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